City Request Form for Inspection or Copying of Public Records

City of West Peoria
2506 W. Rohmann Avenue
West Peoria, Illinois 61604
(309) 674-1993

Information Posted in Compliance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Summary of Purpose:

Total Operating Budget:  $1,725,050 (May 1, 2016 - April 30, 2017 Fiscal Year)

Location of Offices:

  • City Hall, 2506 W. Rohmann Avenue, West Peoria, Illinois 61604
    • City Clerk's Office, Finance Office, Administrator's Office, Code Enforcement Office, Community Development Office, Council Chambers
  • City Garage, 1322 N. Hillside, West Peoria, Illinois 61604
    • Street Department Office, Equipment Storage

Approximate Number of Employees:
Full Time Employees:  5
Part Time Employees:  4

City Council:  Mayor James R. Dillon, Alderman LeRoy Dohm, Jr., Alderwoman Hazel Thomas, Alderman Jeff Reagan, Alderman Jerry Meismer, Alderwoman Jeff Goranson, Alderman John Siewert II, Alderman Rick Martindale, Alderman James Silver

City of West Peoria FOIA Request Information:  General requests should be made in the City Clerk's office in City Hall (2506 W. Rohmann Avenue, West Peoria

FOIA Officers for City of West Peoria:  City Clerk/City Hall:  April Silver (674-1993)

Fee for Obtaining Copies of Records:  The first 50 regular copies are provided to the requester at no cost.  For any number of copies exceeding 50 pages, a copying fee of $0.10 per page will be charged for any document requests.  Other types of records, and the related fee, may be available upon request  If a fee will be required, the fee must be paid prior to receiving the requested documents or information.

Types and Categories of Records (FOIA)

City of West Peoria Organizational Chart

Prevailing Wage Rates

2017 Annual EPA Report