Q:  Where can I register to vote?
  You may register to vote at West Peoria City Hall or the Peoria County Courthouse during normal 
business hours. You must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States. Please bring two forms of identification, both of which must show your legal name and your West Peoria
Q:  Where do I obtain a driver’s license, license plate, and license plate renewal stickers?
  All of the above items may be obtained at the Driver Services Facility located at 3311 N Sterling 
Avenue in Peoria, Ill. The telephone number for the Driver Services Facility is 309-686-6040.
Q:  Who do I call to make a noise complaint (a barking dog, loud music, etc.)?
  Please contact the Peoria County Sheriff’s Department by calling 309-672-6011 or the Code 
Enforcement Officer by calling 309-674-1993 or 309-370-1142.
Q:  Who do I call if I see someone violating the burning ordinance?
A:  Please contact the Peoria County Sheriff's Department by calling 309-672-6011.
Q:  Where can I go for answers regarding health issues?
A:  For general information regarding health issues, click here for the Peoria City/County Health Department website.
Q:  Where is the West Peoria Township building?
A:  The Township building is located at 2516 W. Rohmann Avenue, immediately adjacent to City Hall.
Q:  Where is West Peoria City Hall located?
A:  West Peoria City Hall is located at the corner of Sterling Avenue and Rohmann Avenue. Coming from downtown Peoria, take Main Street north (passing Bradley University on your left) until it curves left and becomes Western Avenue. Then take a right at the McDonald's onto Rohmann Avenue. About a half-mile down there will be a 4-way stop, go straight and City Hall will be on your left after the stop sign. Our address is: 2506 W Rohmann Avenue, West Peoria, IL 61604.
Q:  Did you know…according to City Code, all West Peoria residents must establish a contract with Waste Management for garbage removal? 
A:  If you have any questions concerning garbage collection, you may contact City Hall at 309-674-1993. Waste Management’s contact information is:
Waste Management
3552 E. Washington Street
East Peoria, IL 61611

Q:  Do we have a landscape waste service?
A:  Yes! Landscape waste pickup is curbside every Friday from the 1st Friday in April through the last Friday in December. The fee is included in your Waste Management bill.
Q:  Is recycling available in West Peoria?
A:  Yes! Curbside recycling is available from Waste Management for a minimal fee. Collection occurs every other Friday. To sign up, please call 1-800-796-9696. For more information about recycling, visit the Peoria County website and click on "Recycle & Conserve".
Q:  Who would I contact if I had a question about wastewater and sewage?
A:  Please contact the Greater Peoria Sanitary District by calling 309-637-3511.

Q:  Who do I call to report a dead or troublesome animal?
A:  Please contact the Peoria County Animal Protection Services (PCAPS) by calling 309-672-2440 or the County Highway Department at 309-697-6400 for dead animals only.
Q:  How do I find out if I need a permit for something in West Peoria?
A:  Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 309-674-1993 or 309-370-1142 or visit the City website at Permit Applications
Q:  Who provides my water service?
A:  Water service in West Peoria is primarily provided by Illinois-American Water Company. You may contact them by calling Customer Inquiries at 1-800-422-2782 or http://www.illinoisamerican.com
Q:  Who would I contact for internet service?
A:  Please look under “internet services” in the Yellow Pages.

Q:  Who would I contact for cable service?
A:  Please look under “cable and satellite companies” in the Yellow Pages.

Q:  Who would I contact for electricity and gas service?
A:  Ameren Cilco is West Peoria’s electricity and gas provider. Ameren Cilco’s contact information is:
Ameren Cilco
300 Liberty St
Peoria, IL 61602

Q:  Is there any assistance available for low-income residents? 
A:  The West Peoria Township handles all assistance requests. Please contact the Township Supervisor at 309-674-0462 for any questions regarding assistance.
Q:  Where can I get something notarized?
A:  Our City Clerk is a Notary Public. Anybody can get documents notarized at West Peoria City Hall.  If you are a customer at South Side Bank, you can also get something notarized at the bank.
Q:  What do I do if I notice a street light out?
A:  Please call West Peoria City Hall or an officer of the West Peoria Lighting District with the location of the street light and the seven digit number located on the pole.
Q:  Does West Peoria have a public library?
A:  West Peoria does not have a library. You may obtain a library card for a fee at the Alpha Park Public Library in Bartonville @ 309-697-3822 or at one of the Peoria Public Libraries @ 309-497-2000
Q:  What ward do I live in and who is my alderman?  
A:  Click Here to see the West Peoria Ward Map. To see who your alderman is, visit: City Council
Q:  Who do I call regarding my tax information?
A:   Please contact the Peoria County Supervisor of Assessments at 309-672-6910 for all tax related questions.
Q:  Where can I find the City of West Peoria's tax information?
A:   Please visit our website at West Peoria Tax Information

Q:  What are the regulations for building a home or accessory structures? (e.g., a garage or shed)
A:   Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 309-674-1993 or 309-370-1142 or visit http://www.cityofwestpeoria.com/code_pdfs/Residential_Districts_2_5.pdf

Q:  What if I have another question about West Peoria City Codes?
A:   For all other questions regarding City Code, please visit: West Peoria City Code Book or call the Code Enforcement Officer at 309-674-1993 or 309-370-1142.